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Trinity Baptist Church Sermons

Thank you for desiring to listen to our sermons.  We take this opportunity to provide you with our beliefs about the preaching event and our practice as it relates to the sermons that are on this site.  

We strive to glorify the triune God by living lives that are in agreement and submission to his revealed will in his word.  

We prayerfully, earnestly, and diligently petition him in prayer, so as to rightly divide the word of God so that we may be approved workmen.  

We believe that the worship service should be about proclaiming the living God: 

His Majesty; His Holiness; His Righteousness; His Benevolence; His Power for his glory!

We believe that it is our great duty and privilege to give him glory and thanks.

We believe that the preaching event is about feeding the people of God with the word of God in and by the Spirit of God to the glory of God – the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and for the equipping of the saints to the work of service for the building up of the body of Christ (the church) in the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding so that we may live in a manner that is worthy of the Lord for his glory, our greatest good, and the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

We proclaim joyfully that the word of God is without error and cannot fail as its source is the living God who is self-existent, without limitation, unchanging, all knowing, all powerful, ever present, without any variance or shifting shadow.   

We recognize that the preaching event should not be regarded as unrelated to or divorced from congregational life.  Sermons are delivered in the context of congregational relationships. This is predicated on a shared faith, and shared lives which are lived out in the bonds of love in the local church.  As with most relationships, communication between the parties is learned over time.  Those men called of God to the ministry of the Word and affirmed to the office of elder by the local church are fallible and do err.  This is important to remember because we are charged before God as Christians to contend for the faith which was entrusted to the church.  

We mention all the above to emphasize that the preaching elders of Trinity labor in reverence to God, prayerfully and earnestly in the Word of God, but we may misspeak, or perhaps not explain a particular doctrine as clearly as we ought, or we communicate in the context of our relationships at Trinity and may give incomplete sentences that the members of Trinity complete because of our relationship as fellow church members, and sometimes our grasp of a particular doctrine may not be full.  This is not to excuse laziness but to recognize our fallibility and our dependence upon the Spirit of God in sermon preparation, delivery, and application.

We encourage you to listen prayerfully, carefully, and to search the Scriptures to ensure that our doctrine is sound.  We encourage our membership to do the same, as do we who hold leadership responsibilities in the church.

We only edit the sermons for volume, we evaluate the sermons for sound doctrine.  This means that you are hearing the sermon as it was delivered.  The antecedent paragraphs were to provide the hearer with our beliefs and practices as related to our sermons.  

A cautionary note to those who listen to our sermons:  The word of God is not idle nor is it ineffective and now that you have listened, you are responsible for the information that you have heard and to prayerfully consider how it is to be applied in your daily walk with Christ.  We would suggest that you petition the Spirit of God to apply his word in your circumstance.