We would encourage those who are members and attenders of Trinity as well as anyone that is viewing this website to consider interacting with the suggested resources.  We recognize that there are many ways by which we can engage various ideas and authors. Our goal is to advance the growth of our faith through the interaction with ideas and proponents of those ideas to better equip us for service to our great God and King, the Lord Jesus Christ, as led by the Spirit of God for the glory of God the Father.  Remember that any thought that is offered must always be filtered through the Word of God, The Holy Bible, as this is the only authoritative rule of faith and practice for Christians.

  • The Bible is always given priority of place!
    • Read different translations
    • Read chronologically
    • Read topically – pursuing a particular teaching in the Bible
    • Always read prayerfully
  • The documents under the What We Believe.
    • The historic creeds of orthodox Christianity.
    • The statements that are addressing the challenges that we face as orthodox Christians in our culture today.